Another Seattle Store?

I’ve counted six yarn stores within the Seattle city limits and just spotted another one that will be opening downtown. Apparently the Belltown shop on First Avenue that recently housed the Italian pottery shop RiFlessi will be the new home of So Much Yarn. Wow, I’ll actually be able to buy yarn and supplies during my lunch break. Oh, it’s just too much.

Look what I picked up at the post office. Despite six yarn stores in the city I still order some yarn via mail.

gilet_lace_yarn Yep, it’s Bergereine yarn and the 2003/2004 instruction booklet from Club Direct Laine (the only place to get Bergere de France yarn in North America). This yarn is destin for Gilet Lace. I guess this will be the next sweater project since I haven’t yet found a men’s sweater to make for my husband. Oh yea, I also can’t forget to finish the Christmas stocking that I started last December. That will come out of hiding soon.

8 thoughts on “Another Seattle Store?

  1. The Bergereine looks nice, but I’m seething with jealousy! We have one measly little yarn store here in Jacksonville, FL. Their staff are nice & their selection is decent, but it would be nice to have alternatives. Heck, I’d open my own if I had the guts!


  2. Just looking at that box of yarn makes me want to run out and buy more!! And I work in a yarn store…can we say “addicted”? Vancouver doesn’t have many yarn stores, we have more out here in the valley than they do. I think it’s time I drove down to Seattle again however – I love the city and now that I see how many great YS are there, I’m all the more anxious to visit again.


  3. Marie, I’ve only completed a swatch but so far I like Bergereine. It’s so different then any other yarn I’ve used. The sweater should knit up quickly.
    Samina, if you were to open a yarn store, any place but Seattle would be idea. I’m worried that there are too many. I hope they all do well since having several stores in the area has proven to be quite handy. While all carry slightly different stock, I’ve been able to find the same dye lots at different stores so that I could get enough yarn for one sweater.
    Gaile, I figured Vancouver would have as many yarn stores as Seattle. It seems like knitting is popular up there, at least I run into a lot of Canadian Knitters via blog hopping. If you decide to visit and are looking for a particular yarn I can offer advice on which stores to visit. Some are much bigger then others.


  4. Yay! I’m so excited about getting a yarn store downtown. I live in Kitsap county, but work in Seattle and It will be so nice (albeit enabling) to have a place I can walk to after work. 🙂


  5. But wait there’s more! There’s a yarn shop opening on Capitol Hill next to Toys in Babeland and there’s one opening this weekend on Greenwood and 70th called the Fiber Gallery. I’ll be working at the Fiber Gallery on Thursday evenings so stop by and see me!


  6. Two more, WOW! Seattle has got to be a yarn store mecca.
    I don’t get up to Capitol Hill very often so I’m not sure when I get around to visiting that one, but I’ll swing by Fiber Gallery this weekend. Oh you must be so excited.


  7. Another store! Have you been in yet? I just opened the Wooly Monkey in November in the Greenwood area. I’m on 85th St., midway between Greenwood Ave. and Aurora Ave. at 517 N 85th. It’s a small boutique-type store with neighborly feel to it. If you haven’t visited yet, stop in and say hello!


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