Bull’s-eye heels



Here’s what the short-row stripes look like from both sides. It’s not perfect but good enough since most people won’t be looking that closely at my heels.

PGR’s book says that the stripe at the tip of the heel needs to have an odd number of rows in order for the others to line up properly. I tried four different row widths and found that one with only one stripe worked the best.


Here’s the chart that I worked out. The yellow rows are the dark stripes (purple/pink) and the white rows are the light stripes (yellow/peach). The chart starts at the bottom right corner and is worked back and forth, ending at the top left.

Before starting the heel, I completed one light color row around the sock. Still knitting with the light color, I knitted the first decreasing row, which completed one two-row stripe. At this point I broke off the dark yarn, which was still on the right side, to start the first dark stripe. I continued the two row stripe sequence with both yarns being carried on the left side until I reached the last purl row of the descending side. This stripe only has one row, leaving the light colored yarn on the left side.

To start the ascending row, I broke off the light colored yarn from the left side and started my two row sequence again. I continued working back and forth until I completed the fourth dark stripe. Next,  I knitted across the top of the heel with the light color until I reached the last two yarn-overs on the left side. I knitted them together with the last stitch and then continued around the instep. When I returned to the beginning of the heel, I knitted the first stitch with the next two yarn-overs and continued knitting until the end of the heel. At this point, I’m now ready to start the “Fair Isle” pattern on the leg.



Friday we had to say good-bye.

He fought hard during surgery but the tumor had spread to other organs and his little heart finally gave out after two successful attempt to revive him. He always was a charming fellow with a scrappy will to live.

He will forever be in our hearts.


19 thoughts on “Bull’s-eye heels

  1. My heart goes out to you losing your little one….pets are such a large part of our lives. Hugs and prayers for you to cling to the great memories, and heal.


  2. I’m sorry to hear of your beautiful feline friend’s passing. It’s always sad to lose a dear friend. May fond memories of him bring you some comfort.


  3. Again, I’m so sorry to read of your loss. The standard comforting things to say sound rather cheesy, so I’ll pass, but my thoughts are with you.


  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I’m sure you gave him a beautiful happy life.
    And I think the socks look great! Symmetry is overrated.


  5. Dear Melinda, I’m so terribly sorry for your loss…my heart is honestly breaking for you. I know exactly how you feel. My heart will never be the same after losing my “fur Child” in january (perfect name for our pets…furry children).


  6. I’m so sorry about your baby. I had to put my 16 yr old baby down in August after a battle with cancer. Just know that you did the right thing.


  7. I’m so sorry about your cat. We lost our cat Scath to cancer a few months ago, and it was terribly sad. Thank you for providing him love and good medical care–so many pets don’t get enough of either.


  8. You have a beautiful blog.
    Was sad to read about your recent loss – my sympathies. There is nothing quite like a special cat in one’s life.
    I hope that you stop by and say hi at NWRSA.


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