I guess if you have patience and look hard enough you’ll eventually find what you’ve been seeking.

I was very lucky to find this Woolly Board II for the bargain basement price of $10. However, shipping from the East coast was another $35.

It’s made of finished poplar wood. All the pieces come apart and are stored in a handy cloth bag. It came with instructions but didn’t include any indication of who made it. My guess would be that it was made in the early or mid 90’s when Ms. Starmore’s books were still in circulation. The instructions refer to the woolly board shown in Stillwater.

11 thoughts on “Found!

  1. I can’t wait to see how this actually works! I am so glad you have mastered the two color knitting. I just started a scarf requiring it – for some reason my silly brain kept forgetting which strand – old or new goes over the other when joining. I am too ashamed to tell you how I made a reminder! LOL!


  2. Yes the shipping was expensive but I should have mentioned that it came with a small sleeve ironing board and a pressing ham. All together the package weighed 15 pounds.
    Still it came out cheaper than buying one from Halcyon or Lacis.


  3. I think you got a wonderful deal. I get a lot of use out of my sleeve board, even when I’m not using it for sewing. It is great for ironing small areas of any garment, and the pressing ham is a huge aid for curved seams. I use it for seams around the arm on sweaters that have already been blocked but have subsequently been washed.
    You actually put the bug in my head about how useful a wooly board would be for blocking other sweaters with traditional styling.
    By the way, I find it very difficult to get ironing board covers for my sleeve board, and I have to make them myself out of muslin. Even some of the dressmaker supply stores that I visit in New York City no longer carry them.
    I’m eager to see how the wooly board works out for you on Firebirds.


  4. I just purchased the identical Woolly Board II from eBay. I paid $75 + $17 for shipping. Mine is made from maple and came in a cloth bag and included the same sheets as yours. It’s brand new and I wondered who made it as well.


  5. I have owned a Woolly Board for years..I love it..for Fair isle is worth the makes your knitting come alive, drys fast..I have also used it for other garments..LOVE IT.


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