Firebirds is officially finished


Good thing we snapped a picture of the sweater yesterday. Today a storm has come in and it’s so cold that the rain might turn to snow. What a wonderful day to wear a warm sweater.

Now that I’ve had a chance to actually use a woolly board, I would recommend it to any one who thinks they’ll be knitting lots of Fair Isle sweaters. It stretches the sweater a bit while drying so that any irregularities in the knitted fabric are straightened out.

When starting this sweater I intended to shorten it by one lengthwise repeat because I like sweaters to hang well above my hips. However  once  the body was half way done I got cold feet after checking my tension. At that point it looked like my row gauge would make the sweater a few centimeters shorter and I was afraid that taking out one lengthwise repeat would make it way too short. Now that it’s been dressed on the woolly board, I wish I would have shortened it. Oh, that’s not to say I don’t like it. The length won’t keep me from wearing it but it’s a good lesson for my future sweater projects.  It’s quite easy to adjust the length and/or width a couple of inches when using a woolly board.

What’s next? I must really get started on those fingerless gloves. I’m also very tempted by another VY kit. But wait, I also have lots of fiber to spin.

21 thoughts on “Firebirds is officially finished

  1. The finished sweater is incredibly beautiful. Bravo! FWIW, I think the length is just fine. Also, best wishes on your new additions to the family. Here’s hoping to many happy, healthy years with them.


  2. The sweater is beautiful. Having made two sweaters last year, both of which are at least an inch too short and drive me crazy every time I bend over, I don’t think you were wrong to err on the side of caution. At least you’ll be one repeat warmer. 🙂
    Fingerless gloves? A very quick knit. You can do them and move on in a day or two.


  3. Melinda, your FIREBIRDS looks fabulous on you! Way to go girl!
    Thanks for posting about the Wooly Board. I knew it would even out the sts but did not realize you could actually lengthen or shorten sweater length on it. I am keeping my eye out for bargains so I can purchase one for myself; however, YOU got an INCREDIBLE deal when you purchased yours!


  4. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.
    I’ve been taking the week off from knitting although I’ve been thinking about the gloves I need to knit. Can’t quite come up with the right motif.
    I’m also trying to decide between Rosarie and Roscalie. Both are very different patterns


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