Mittens & fingerless gloves

MittensThe girls went to the vet for their spay surgery yesterday. Mittens came home today but her sister Sophie was too active after waking up from surgery and opened her stitches while recovering at the vet. They’ll fix the stitches today but that means Sophie won’t be home until Monday. It’s hard not to be nervous about this after just loosing Toby last spring.

This week I’ve been web surfing finding mittens and fingerless gloves for inspiration. Here’s what I’ve found.

– Early 19th century mittens in the National Museum of American History

– A blog tour of mittens in a Selbu museum

– Fair Isle mittens, gloves, hats and sweaters offered by Shetland Collection

– Check out Eunny’s Anemoi Mittens

– Not gloves or mittens; but I love the pattern on this purse

I’ve been working on sketching a snowboard related motif to go on either fingerless gloves or mittens.

5 thoughts on “Mittens & fingerless gloves

  1. Poor little Sophie! I hope she is on her way home this very minute to her sissy-wissy and her Mum. Hopefully, Mittens won’t be in a frisky mood and ready to play!
    I really like Eunny’s mittens. She is one amazing designing machine!


  2. Sophie came home today. Both are doing well. So well that it’s hard to keep them from rough housing.
    The vet gave Sophie three extra stitches on the outside just in case she gets feisty again.


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