Grafting results

It was a full week before I gather enough courage to press on with the daunting deed.

The first attempt seemed quite easy until I pulled out the waste yarn and found that all of the purl stitches were sew as if they were knit stitches. Of course I ripped it all out and tried again. I had much better results on the second try only missing one stitch that I was able to fix with a imperceivable patch job.

Here are a few photos.

As I mentioned before, the sleeve was started with a provisional cast-on using a separate waste yarn. That wast yarn was removed and the remaining live stitches were transfered to a thin nylon thread.With the top part of the ribbing piece tucked under the bottom part of the sleeve, both pieces were grafted together with a darning needle.A row of thin white nylon cord served as a guide.

Grafting closeup 1
Sewing alternated between stitches on the ribbing and the live ones from the sleeve.This photo shows the needle as it entered a stitch in the ribbing. It was then pulled through the next ribbing stitch on the left.



Grafting closeup 2
After completing the two rib stitches I switched to the sleeve stitches.These two stitches form a knit stitch.I quickly got into a rhythm of sewing two stitches from the sleeve and then two stitches from the ribbing.When all stitches were completed I removed the waste yarns.


v neck sleeve ribbing
Here are the results.

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

8 thoughts on “Grafting results

  1. WOW! Nice job-
    I think I may have a solution which may not make that necessary again with a 2×2 rib (thinking button band here). I’ll run it by Jean, and then show it off to all of you at the next meeting.
    If she doesn’t like it, I’m in trouble, because I have done my v neck cardigan using this method on all the ribbing.
    I may be doing a lot of grafting…


  2. Iabsolutely LOVE Lucy’s method of grafting using waste yarn extentions – I’ve saved my own bacon a number of times doing it. You can also make a fun moebius by knitting a more complex pattern back and forth instead of around and around and then graft it. Looks fab!


  3. I just read your post about your kitty and eating yarn. I had something similar happen to me…with quilting. I was saftey pinning the quilt together and left the room. When I came back I saw Felix with a saftey pin and it went into the air..into his mouth and he swallowed it.
    Called the vet and…well…had to watch the litter box too. So not fun.


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