Learning about sericulture in Japan

Here’s a few photos from my recent trip to Japan (click on the photo below).

They were taken during our afternoon visit to the Hida Folk Village outside of Takayama Japan. It’s a village of traditional houses from around this mountainous region. Apparently the only form of agriculture was sericulture. Families raised silk worms on the upper floors of their large houses.


8 thoughts on “Learning about sericulture in Japan

  1. What an amazing string of pictures you provided! I enjoyed looking at them so much. What an interesting trip this must have been for you.
    Thank you!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing those photos, they are wonderful. I love the well used tools… I can just imagine all the skilled hands that used them over many years….


  3. Thank you for those wonderful pictures. How interesting to see how it is done. I visited a demonstration visit when I was in Turkey. It was fascinating to see the tiny threads wind off of the cocoons to make an almost invisible thread. Only by the time that 32 individual threads were plied and cabled was the resultant thread remotely usable.
    Where is Takayama in relation to Tokyo?


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