Ideal Knitting Bag

kbag.jpg Probably every knitter has an opinion on what would be the ideal knitting bag and I’m no exception. Not only does my ideal bag need to be large enough to carry my knitting, small purse and other commute items, it absolutely has to be water resistant. After fitting these essential needs my secondary criteria are that it should have enough pockets to keep knitting items separated from commuting items and fit in with the downtown business crowd.

This bag meets all my needs and more. I’ve never come across a tote bag that has as many pockets as this one, six outside and three+ inside. One of the inside pockets has smaller ones to organize small personal items such as pens, calculator and wallets. These little pockets work well for organizing knitting tools.

So that’s my 2 cents on the ideal knitting bag. I’ve seen a lot of other cute/functional knitting specific ones but most of those are made out of cloth or wool which just doesn’t work well for this commuting knitter.

Update: I got this bag from

One thought on “Ideal Knitting Bag

  1. I just want to thank you (albeit belatedly) for posting about this bag. I was in the market for one with numerous pockets, and this one really seems to fit the bill.


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