Still knitting

Aran_back_finished This Aran has been sitting around for months waiting for the sleeves to be sewn on and the collar added. Finally, it’s finished and ready to turn in.

The Aran was neglected while I worked on this yoke pullover that needs to be ready for the next class. Here’s what the yoke will look like.

There are two other projects in the works, a capelet in this stitch pattern and a Cowichan cardigan.

On top of all this knitting, I’m training for another half marathon.

It’s been a busy summer.

More crochet

CollarsTo get the certificate we have to crochet a collar.

My first attempt was with some hot pink yarn left over from socks knitted for my
niece. Unfortunately, with only two rows to go, I ran out of yarn.

Started all over again with a different skein of sock yarn. Gosh, I can’t remember buying Confetti Shepherd Sock … not a color I would normally buy and I only have one skein (well only 1/3 of a skein now).


If I must crochet then I had to treat myself to something I’ve been longing to do … spin. This interesting (and easy to spin) pencil roving and Lady Barbara spindle were gifts from Gnomiejo. Thanks again Naomi … you’re right this spindle is wonderful.

And the bag is from Michale. She made it! And it’s perfect for this spinning project. Thanks!

Possibilities are endless

First off the gansey is ready for class.


Now it’s on to the lopi style sweater.

Yesterday I drafted a pattern for a sweater with a large yoke. I used these swatches to more accurately determine the height of the yoke.


The design is from Aftur in Lopi Book No. 25. Of course as with any design like this, the possible color combinations are endless. Mine is inspired by several other Aftur projects I saw on Ravelry. I’m sure I’ll change up the color arrangements again but will stick with a grey/white/black/magenta color scheme.

Well I’m off to adjust my Lopi pattern again … going to trimming off a couple of centimeters of ease. Less ease + big needles = a lot less knitting. Maybe I’ll have it ready for our next session.

Oh, and about those sheep. They’re for meat and won’t be around past fall. It’s sad but not my choice. Hubby’s been watching shows on how to raise your own food and he’s kicked it up a notch … from just a small summer garden to getting involved in sheep for meat.

Stash enhancement?

We’ve invested in a few head of Suffolk sheep.


The girls are very cute and quite friendly.

Not sure if they’ll be providing wool for a future knitting project … they’re mainly my husband’s summer endeavor. He’s been watching too many Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall TV shows lately.


The trip over the mountains provide ample time to catch up on the gansey. The back is nearly done.

This week I’ll be working on the last half of the front.


Thanks to a knitting angel I have replacement row counter that fits in my little knitting kit.
Thanks so much!

Nothing fancy


The third project is done. A very simple raglan knitted in pieces from the bottom up. It also has a stitch pattern that matches at the shoulder seam.

Sometimes simple is good, especially when juggling several projects at once.

Still haven’t started the second project, a dolman sleeved cardigan. I keep pressing on with the other projects, hoping I’ll eventually find time for the dolman.

The Aran is almost finished but it’s on the back burner while I make progress on the gansey and Lopi projects.

Here we go again …

Lambs_pride We have another project to start.

For me it’s a Lopi sweater called Aftur. It’s a pattern I’ve been admiring over the past few weeks and with only seven weeks until the next class I really don’t have enough time to come up with my own design.  This colorway is similar to several Aftur projects on Ravelry.

I’m thinking of adding a couple of pink/purple colors.

Never used this yarn before. After reading reviews on Ravelry I’m kind of concern that it might shed too much.

Finished a project


Yippee! The first project of year two is finished.

It’s the Shaped Lace T from Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael but redrafted with “puffy” sleeves.

This weekend I’ve been catching up on my projects. It took me two days to sew sleeves on the raglan. I swear, I’ll never use Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed again. The yarn is wonderfully soft but breaks too easily when seaming.

On the way home from the Farmers market I popped my head into  the Quilting Loft. Last year I remember seeing some wonderful bags by Cheryl Kuczek on display. She was teaching a class on how to make these bags but not having much time for another class, I asked whether they had patterns for these bags. They didn’t but expected to have some in a couple of months. Time flies … and I totally forgot until yesterday when I was in the neighborhood. This time they did have them. Don’t know when I’ll find time to make one though.