More crochet

CollarsTo get the certificate we have to crochet a collar.

My first attempt was with some hot pink yarn left over from socks knitted for my
niece. Unfortunately, with only two rows to go, I ran out of yarn.

Started all over again with a different skein of sock yarn. Gosh, I can’t remember buying Confetti Shepherd Sock … not a color I would normally buy and I only have one skein (well only 1/3 of a skein now).


If I must crochet then I had to treat myself to something I’ve been longing to do … spin. This interesting (and easy to spin) pencil roving and Lady Barbara spindle were gifts from Gnomiejo. Thanks again Naomi … you’re right this spindle is wonderful.

And the bag is from Michale. She made it! And it’s perfect for this spinning project. Thanks!

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