Stash enhancement?

We’ve invested in a few head of Suffolk sheep.


The girls are very cute and quite friendly.

Not sure if they’ll be providing wool for a future knitting project … they’re mainly my husband’s summer endeavor. He’s been watching too many Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall TV shows lately.


The trip over the mountains provide ample time to catch up on the gansey. The back is nearly done.

This week I’ll be working on the last half of the front.


Thanks to a knitting angel I have replacement row counter that fits in my little knitting kit.
Thanks so much!

On to the gansey

Wow, so much interest in that little Folca box!

It is a great little box that I found through the Japan Knitting and Crochet group on Ravelry. Someone was looking for one and another member mentioned that  Ichiban Kan had a few. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have any in stock right now.

Thanks for the tips on the row counter. I’ll check into the ones that Beenotions makes.


I started the gansey this weekend. It’s growing fast … nearly at the halfway mark for what needs to be done for homework.

About the Aran …

I mentioned that the strip on the shoulder is off center because of how sweaters tend to shift when being worn.  This type of adjustment is done on this sweater so that the panel is clearly visible from the front. We haven’t done this on any of the other sweaters we’ve knit. I’m hoping Jean will let me do a panel on the Gansey so we’ll see if she suggests making its panel off center as well.