Spin & Knit

One of my Christmas wishes came true.


This Spin-Off Anniversary Sweater is the latest entry in “to do” list.

Now that I actually have the fiber, I realize how impractical it would be to spin this on a hand spindle. I’m considering taking a class to learn how to spin on a wheel. I found one that will allow students to take the wheel home between classes. That might give me some time to spin this fiber and see if I really do want a wheel.

2 thoughts on “Spin & Knit

  1. Actually it’s not that impractical to spin it on a spindle. At least not in my ever so humble opinion. *g* Spinning on a wheel and on a spindle takes about the same amount of time. The only difference is how often you wind off the spindle. If you have a ball winder it’s not that big of a deal. Another nice thing about spindles is that it’s portable, you can spin in the market or at any store while waiting in line. It’s very hard to do that with a wheel.
    I always thought big projects should be done on the wheel, but I actually get more done on the spindle.
    YMMV 🙂


  2. Wow, I couldn’t imagine that a spindle would be just as fast as a wheel but it makes sense now that you mentioned the portability of a spindle.
    Perhaps the wheel spinning class will confirm that spindles are a good enough and that I don’t need a wheel.
    I imagine that yarn spun on a wheel will be more consistent than the yarn I produce from a spindle. For comparison sake, I’ll try spinning some of this merino fiber on my spindle tonight.
    Thanks for the input.


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