Kate Buller’s Books

The Ultimate Knitter’s Guide by Kate Buller is actually a decent sweater (flat knitting) reference book once you get past the patterns and the split page design. Split page design? Yes, I’ve never seen a book like this. The bottom 1/4 of all the pages make up the reference section while the top 3/4 are patterns. The book lies flat so you can open it to the appropriate reference section while working on one of the patterns in the book. It’s a great concept except I only like a few of the patterns.

I wish the reference section were a small independent book because it is the best and most useful part of the book. It shows very clear step by step photographs of all the basic knitting techniques which is exactly what a book taught knitter needs. The descriptions accompanying the photos are quite detailed. For example, she accurately describes the best way to do short rows including how to pick up the wrap on the purl side. Many reference books don’t bother with such detail. I thrive on details.

  I also like the format of Buller’s other book Style Your Own Kids’ Knits. She lays out basic designs in various sizes and styles, and lets the reader mix and match the details. A stitch library is included at the back of the book which shows various intarsia motifs, edgings and lace patterns.