The Question

My husband finally posed the question, “when are you going to make me a sweater?” My reply was, “oh, I’ve got to finish the current sweater project before I can start a new one.” So now I’m on the hunt for the perfect men’s sweater pattern.

We both like the collar on this one from Bergere De France. Their current catalog also has some other good possibilities. I’ve also looked through several books but nothing really jumped out at me. Good men’s patterns seem few and far between.

3 thoughts on “The Question

  1. That sweater absolutely ROCKS! I need to find a good means of translation for French patterns.
    I love the striped sweater pattern you’ve listed, and now think I must find this guy sweater pattern as well! ugh! You enabler!!!


  2. Yeah, these BdF and Phildar patterns are giving me a chance to brush up on my French. I have a degree in French but haven’t had much of a chance to use it until now.
    Although I love this pattern, he actually wants me to make Na Craga (” ) by Alice Starmore. I happened to show him the copy of “Aran Knitting” that I checked out from the library last month and decided he likes it better than the one from BdF.


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