I couldn’t resist showing the last bit of wheel spun yarn I did on Monday night. I got tired of white and purchased some blue New Zealand roving.


The Ashford wheel went back yesterday for the second and final class. We started off by trying a bit of lovely creamy white Corriedale and then focused on learning how to pick out a good fleece. It will be a while before I bring another fleece home since the last one took weeks to clean by hand. Washing it in a machine wasn’t an option since I have a front loader.

At the end of the class I tried the Lendrum folding wheel and noticed quite a difference right away. It was so much smoother then the old worn Ashford that I used this past week.

Ok, so I’m giving in. I put my name on the list for the next shipment of double treadle wheels. The teacher says that it’s been taking a while to get the wheels so it will probably be a 6-7 week wait. In the mean time I’ll finish the whisper rib socks.

half whisper lace Here’s what they looked like when I set them aside. Since I only have three size 0 circulars, one is on two circulars and the other is on one circular. I figured it would be better to work on both at the same time in case my tension changes overtime. Last year I knitted some gloves one at a time and noticed a difference in the tension between the two. If I knit a pair at the same time at least they’ll turn out looking the same.

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  1. i don’t know where you live, but if you can get to a large fiber show (like maryland sheep and wool) you can try tons and tons of wheels 🙂


  2. It looks like you’re having a ball with the different wheels and your yarn looks fantastic. I hope your wheel gets there sooner then expected.
    And I hear if you go to the Maryland Sheep & Wool, you might want to rent a trailer for your purchases. *g*


  3. Venessa, your are right. I should try other wheels but I was drawn to the Lendrum folding wheel. It just seem to be perfect for me since I don’t have much storage space and I like the optional flyers. There were other wheels at the class that I could try but I knew that I would stick with the Lendrum as long as it spun smoothly. I especially avoided looking too closely at the Schacht. I didn’t want to tempt myself because I can’t yet justify spending that much on a wheel.
    Opal, I hope that the wheel comes sooner but good things come to those who wait. I hear the last order took four months. I guess the supplier is having some family difficulties.
    I’m thinking of going to the Taos Wool Festival this Fall. I’m not sure how big that one is but I’d like to see New Mexico. I might also go to the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon which is closer to home.


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