Twinkle Twinkle

Here’s my version of the Shining Star hat. It might be hard to see but there’s a star on the crown with lines radiating from the sides.


Kate mentions in the pattern that she uses 6 double point needles but I decided to use the “magic loop” since I only have one circular needle in the correct size. While the “magic loop” can be a little cumbersome to handle at times, I happy to make due with one needle.

The start was a little challenging. Although the pattern doesn’t mention that the hat is knit from the top, I quickly surmised this bit of info from the small number of cast on stitches. The biggest puzzle was how to cast on with so few stitches. It took a little thinking but I finally remembered the figure 8 cast on that I learned in a sock class with Sarah Hauschka. She mentioned that this cast on could also be used to start lace patterns from the center.

Once I figured out the cast on, my needles started flying and after a couple of hours I got half way through the pattern. Kate’s innovative approach to color coding the stitch counts is ingenious. This pattern comes in six sizes and each size is denoted by a different color to easily keep track of which size is being knit.

For more information on the figure 8 cast on check out The Magic Loop or Wendy’s article (with double point needles) in Knitty.

One thought on “Twinkle Twinkle

  1. I read about you and your knitting in Zen and the Art of Knitting. I love the Latvian Mittens. The pattern would be a wonderful challenge that I’d love to try. Is there any chance you will be coming to the Boise, Idaho area any time in what is left of 2005 or 2006?
    If you know of other classes being offered that teach this method I’d appreciate knowing about them if you won’t be coming to our area.
    Thanks for sharing your artistry.


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