Here’s my other project, a Jester hat from Knit Baby Head & Toes. A dear friend is having her first baby so it’s time to whip out some baby items even though I’m about to start a sweater project.

jester_hat_swatch I chose Rowan Wool Cotton, which is so soft, and such a pleasure to knit. The first swatch was done on size 6 needles at 5.5 stitches per inch as specified in the pattern. However, I think this yarn might look better at 6 stitches per inch. Tonight I’ll do another swatch with a size five needle. If that gives me 6 stitches to an inch I’ll just knit the larger sized hat. Heck, I just found out that I didn’t quite follow the directions on the Shining Star hat. It should acutally have five points instead of six. I saw “six needles” and translated that into six points.

So, I think there’s only one thing wrong with this Jester hat. Should I really attach small bells? Seems like a choking hazard to me. After spending last weekend with a couple of babies I learned, “if it doesn’t fit in a toilet paper tube then it shouldn’t be given to small kids”. We were all laughing about how we survive childhood despite having tons of small Fisher Price Play People.

3 thoughts on “Jester

  1. I am a Pedi RN and I beg of you, don’t add the balls! Everything and anything ends up in thier mouths, and no matter how secure the bells are put on, things fall apart. Please rethink the bells. -Nina


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