Taming Handspun

merino practiceAfter a couple of attempts to ply the merino using a wheel, I think I’ve got it. The singles were spun with 15 twists per inch and plied with 10 twists per inch. This time I took more care when plying although the skein does have a slight “S” twist. According to The Spinner’s Companion, I’ll need to add more twist during plying. At least it doesn’t look as bad as my first attempt (the red skein). Maybe Patternworks could sell my first attempt as scarf & novelty yarn. It would fit right in with Cool Stuff for $50.00/skein.

KnittingInAmericaWhile browsing books at the library yesterday, I came across Knitting In America by Melanie Falick. Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring book. It profiles 38 knitting designers, authors and fiber related places in America. I’m enjoying reading about Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Nancy Bush, Lizbeth Upitis, Sarah Swett and others.

I was especially interested in the profile on Sarah Swett who designed the Spin-Off sweater that I’m making. Check out her web site. Her all tapestries are truly amazing, but I especially like Hands. Her Kestrals Alight Cropped Kimono is now on my list of future projects. The pattern is in Knitting In America.

Another pattern added to my sock list is the Pretty Comfy Socks pattern that Emma is currently knitting. Emma thanks for sharing this pattern by Debbie Young. Your socks are coming out beautifully and look quite comfy. I just happen to have several balls of Fixation that needed a pattern.

5 thoughts on “Taming Handspun

  1. You can put the red yarn through the wheel again,to add or subtract a little of the twist.Just feed,for example,6inches of yarn per treadle,or more.It’s one of those try it and see kind of thing !
    Glad you found the pattern I linked to inspiring.It is turning out well.Crack open that Fixation !


  2. Oh, I tried washing it. The picture was taken after washing it twice. I also added some weight to the bottom of the hank while it dried, hoping this would straighten it out. It did look much better after washing but as you can see it still has some kinks.
    If I get a chance, I might try to add more twist and see what happens.


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