One skein Mountain Goat crew socks


For the past year or so, I’ve been tempted to make a pair of heavy crew socks from Mountain Goat but didn’t give into the temptation because I figured socks would take two skeins.  Despite the beautiful colors, I just wasn’t willing to spend $40 for a pair of socks  (Mountain Goat sells for around $20 a skein).

Last month, I ended up with an extra ball of yarn from the kitty hat project and decided to return it for something else. Well, the only thing in the store that attracted my attention  was the Mountain Goat. I finally gave in and decided to get only one skein and see how far it would go.

I easily got a pair of socks (women’s US shoe size 8) out of one skein.

To keep track of how much yarn I was using and to determine the half way point, I decided to weigh the yarn ball at various stages.  At the start the ball weighed 118 gms and upon completion it was 8 gms.

After wearing these socks a few times I can report that they are quite warm and comfortable; perfect for Birkenstock’s or clog.  The only potential down side to this yarn is, that as the heel and foot of the sock rubs against the shoe, fibers seem to lift out of the yarn and create areas of fuzzy clumps.

4 thoughts on “One skein Mountain Goat crew socks

  1. I have been thinking ovre the last few days: ‘would I be able to make a pair of socks out of that ball of Mountain Goat?’ Now I know! They look really cosy.
    I’ve arrived at your blog through the mittenalong group.


  2. Brigid, I just knew there might be at least one other knitter pondering the same question. I searched the web before making these socks and couldn’t find a conclusive answer. I’m glad the post answered your question.
    Good Luck.


  3. what size needles did you use? I’m pretty new, just finished first pair of socks, have a skein of mountain goat I’ve been dying to try and make socks…drool


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