Can’t wait for the book!

Myrna's dressI have two more class notes to write up but in the mean time here’s a photo of a absolutely fabulous lace negligee knitted by Myrna Stahman and modeled at the fashion show. If I heard the announcer correctly, a pattern for this night gown will be in Myrna’s new book about the feather and fan stitch, due out soon. It’s on the top of my “got to have” list.

Sorry for the blurry picture. I need to work on my runway photography.

5 thoughts on “Can’t wait for the book!

  1. Rebekah,
    Yeah, that’s what I think sometimes about certain patterns – like ones on the Knitty website.
    Since this is the first knitted “dress” that I’ve actually liked, I think I’ll just have to do it. It might take several years to complete but hey, as Rita Buchanan says, “What’s time to a pig?” – in reference to a joke circulating around the web which involves an effciency expert and a farmer.


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