Pressing on

So_sweater_upper_body_1 The Spin-Off sweater is finally back.

It was put on hold while I waited for more of the honey colored merino/tencel fiber. Thanks to Woodland Woolworks, my spinning wheel has been busy for the last couple of weeks.

This time around I used Rita’s loop trick to constantly measure the thickness while spinning the singles. As soon as I got an ounce of fiber spun and plied I knitted up a swatch to check my gauge.

To achieve the correct gauge while knitting this part of the sweater I had to switch from size 3.25mm needles to size 3.00mm.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but, I love knitting with handspun yarn!

One thought on “Pressing on

  1. I am very impressed with the quality of your handspun. My next goal is to spin and knit a sweater for myself. I don’t think the yarn will be quite a consistant as yours is but the loop trick is a good one for a quick check. Thank you for passing it along!


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