Social weaver bird

So_upper_back_1Finally, I have enough time to actually post a picture of the back of the sweater.

The pattern mentions to use duplicate stitch to embroider the bird on the back once the sweater is finished but I ended up adding it using intarsia (closer view) .  Every time that I’ve attempted to use duplicate stitch the background yarn usually shows through too much, so unlike many knitters, I actually prefer to do intarsia.

I also joined the shoulder seems using the three needle bind-off even though the pattern says to use kitchener stitch. I figured that a bound off seam would be more stable.

Knitting this part has been so enjoyable that I kept on going and added the collar. Now I’ve run out of the honey colored yarn I’ll be spinning this week, unless of course, work doesn’t preempt my plans.

8 thoughts on “Social weaver bird

  1. It really is beautiful! I tend to believe the three needle bind-off is better for shoulders (at least in adult garments) than kitchener. I can’t wait to see how the sweater looks when complete!


  2. Thanks for all the comments. Sorry for not responding sooner, but things are still quite busy at work.
    Vanessa, I’m spinning it with a semi-worsted method. I only pull out about an inch of fiber from the fiber supply at a time and only allow a small amount of twist into the fiber supply. By allow some twist into the fiber supply, I seem to get a bit more loft in the single. It kind of hard to describe because it’s something that I do naturally.


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