Hard to believe but …

Pok_2Last night  I went to The Weaving Works for their first  drop-in spinning session and arrived before the door was open.  Instead of waiting in the car,  I decided to walk over to  Half Price Books  to kill time.

I go over there every once and a while to check out the knitting section but haven’t found anything of interest until last night.  This time I found a copy of The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt for $14.98! The back cover has a water stain but the front cover and pages are fine.

7 thoughts on “Hard to believe but …

  1. good score! i bought that years ago when it was still in print, and it’s a very handy reference book. i also really like the vogue knitting book. i look at my knitting books across the mantle, and wonder, who will i will these to someday? i LOVE my knitting library … and have you seen some of the new knitting books? geez! i’m running out of mantle space.


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