Just over an arms length to go

So_sleeveGot back on the project and managed to finish most of the left sleeve.

It’s a pretty basic sleeve, just pick up stitches around the arm hole and knit in the round with decreases every fourth row. It could however get a bit tricky if I have to shorten the sleeve but still want to used the same designs for the  cuff. The instructions say that the ecru part of the sleeve should be 15″ long with 66 stitches on the needle. It now measures 15″ inches and I have 70 stitches.

Looks like a good time to take a break and try on the sweater to see what adjustments might be needed.

3 thoughts on “Just over an arms length to go

  1. I’m super impressed! you handspun handknit fabric looks so good, and it’s really neat you’re making something so substantial with your handspun. I’m still concentrating on spinning enough for a hat or some socks.


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