Controlling that loose end

Oxo_farI think all spinners have  faced the dilemma of what to do with that end of freshly twisted fiber when they need to stop spinning.

Until recently, I would pull off my remaining fiber supply and wrap the end around the tension nob on the top of my Schacht. While this worked most of the time, occasionally the thread would come unwound and cause a small mess.

Several months ago when I was at the NWRSA Conference, another spinner showed me how she used a small clip to contain the end. I thought, what a great idea and since then,  have been meaning to find a clip. A few weeks ago I came across this  Oxo Magnetic Mini Clip in a kitchen supply store.

Oxo_close_1This week I had a chance to try it out and found that it was the perfect solution to my problem. Not only does the clip  contain the twist but I’m also able to place  it in a convenient spot on the wheel without having to permanently attach itl.  It just happens that there’s a bit of metal just below the orifice where I place the clip. This also allows me to leave the fiber supply attached and ready to it pick up and start spinning immediately without another join.

To expand on this idea, I plan on attaching a magnet to my oil bottle clip so that the bottle can be also be stored on the wheel.

Oh by the way, I finished spinning up another skein for the other sleeve and already have 1/4 of it done. This skein working up nicely so I should have the sweater done soon.

4 thoughts on “Controlling that loose end

  1. I was just looking at the Spin Off with that sweater in it and thinking of you. Are you going to WW on Friday for the drop in spinning? It’s really kick-started my spinning again.


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