Don’t adjust your monitor …

Socks_that_rockI’ve been at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat for the past four days, learning how to spin lace-weight yarn, cashmere, and cotton with Judith MacKenzie McCuin. This year I also learned a bit of Estonian lace knitting from Nancy Bush who co-taught with Judith on Thursday and Friday.

I’ll have more details and pictures soon.

I tried to resist the yarn market but gave into Blue Moon’s “Socks that Rock”. Being oblivious to this latest sock trend, I didn’t stop by their booth until Friday. As I stood there drooling over all the wonderful colors, it dawned on me that this vendor must be the reason why a line of people were waiting for the doors to open on Thursday morning.

What wild colors!

I’ll try using the two skeins on the right to knit their Fair Isle sock. They didn’t have the colors used in the pattern but I think these will still work out OK. Not sure what I’ll do with the other two skeins.

8 thoughts on “Don’t adjust your monitor …

  1. Don’t know what you’re going to do with the other two STR skeins? Why, they go to me!!!
    Gorgeous colors you chose. I know, thy’re irresistable, and like you, I recently fell onto the STR “bandwagon” (and I may go back soon for more).


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