Finished Touchstone knee-high socks

Just finished grafting the top edge this morning.

Yesterday I was web surfing and found some interesting photos of Fair Isle and golf socks in the photo archive of the Shetland Museum.

These Fair Isle socks that caught my eye while searching the web for knee socks. Looks like they might have been made for tourists since there’s an inscription just below the cuff that says, “From Shetland”.

There’s also two pair of golf socks in neutral colors. Love the description.

These Fair Isle socks with a black background have a more traditional motif.

The V&A knitting collection also has a very traditional pair in blue, white, red and yellow.

The knitty gritty details of my socks can be found in my sock archive.

Funny how the colors pool in the upper 2/3 of the leg. Apparently the decreases/increase cause this.

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