Life goes on

It’s been a quite week.Thief_1

Pacific NW Sunday Magazine has a touching article about loosing a pet. Many of the author’s sentiments about her dog are similar to what I’ve been feeling about my relationship with Toby.

Thanks for all your messages.

Time will lessen the pain.


Firebirds_yarn_1Ever since I saw  Vanessa’s version of Firebirds at Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat last February, I’ve been thinking about ordering it from Virtual Yarns. She did an amazing job.

The photos on the VY
website don’t convey the full beauty of these sweaters. You have to see them in person to appreciate the amazing colors. Vanessa has made several of them and all were truly stunning.

Fi_feetEarlier this week I kept plugging away at the socks. After finishing the foot and heel of the second sock I realized that the toe of the first one was a bit sloppy so I ripped it out and started over.

Yesterday, I finally started the leg but didn’t get very far before ripping it out after trying one on. The ankle was just too tight with the two color stranding. I remedied the problem by increasing four stitches on the first row after finishing the heel.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be going to the NWRSA conference in Tacoma. I’ll be taking “Variations on a Theme, Part II” with Myrna Stahman and “Spinning for Socks” with Carol Rhoades. Myrna is working on another book that I’ve been looking forward to seeing. Maybe she’ll have more info on when it will be available. Last year she displayed the most amazing lace nightgown.

4 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. Hi Jessica
    Glad to hear you’re going this year and that you’ll be in Myrna’s class.
    I decided to commute, although I might regret it. It’s really worth the extra cost to stay. Last year I stayed on campus and met lots of people while hanging out at the spin-in. They’re all really friendly.


  2. thanks for the sweater compliments 🙂 and you are so right, the vy photos never do them justice. i can’t believe you frogged those lovely socks. hope you take lots of photos and post all about your classes!


  3. I haven’t had the good fortune to meet Vanessa but I recently saw a pic of her Firebirds cardigan and instantly fell in love with it. I’m looking forward to “watching” you knit it.


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