Better second time around

Firebirds_swatch3 I’m calling it good.

I increased needle size from 3.25 mm to 3.5 mm and also worked in the round, just as the sweater will be knitted.

Cast on is around the corner once I figure out how large to make the cardigan.

For those who aren’t familiar with patterns from VY, this specific pattern was originally printed in child sizes and the adult size comes as an addendum in the size ordered. I ordered an XL to make sure I have enough yarn but requested the addendum for a large. Now after pondering sizes and measuring all my sweaters, I think I should have asked for a medium.

This week I’ve been looking through every Fair Isle knitting book under the sun trying to get a handle on how to adjust this sweater to fit me.  Adjustments can be pretty vexing when one has a big difference between chest size and hip size. Since Fair Isle sweaters are just big boxes with no shaping for a feminine waist, there actually not that great for women with my type of body shape. While I know this, I still want to go forge ahead and knit this beautiful sweater.

Traditionally the motifs should line up around the body, centered on the back and front and matching at the shoulders. Keeping this in mind, I think the best plan of action is to shorten body by several inches so the bottom edge hits above instead of below my hips. This way, the total circumference will be closer to my chest size and I won’t have to worry about it fitting over my hips.

4 thoughts on “Better second time around

  1. Good idea for atltering sweater patterns. I have the same problem, and if you’re shorter like me the shorter sweater style makes one look a little taller. I can’t wait to see the sweater come together.


  2. Good idea. And you could do a shirtail hem or a couple inches open welt at the bottom if you want to keep a little more of the length.


  3. I am collecting yarn for the AS Donegal sweater and am almost ready to start swatching. I saw the “flat” technique and wondered…”hmmmmm, do I really want to swatch this way?” I think you settled my question for me.
    Out of curiosity, how many sts did you cast on to knit your swatch in-the-round and, how many rows?
    The colors are beautiful. Which AS is it?
    BTW, hope you don’t mind my shrinking your swatch down and making a button for your blog in my sidebar….


  4. Hi Rebecca,
    The second swatch (circular) has a total of four repeats over the width (two on each side) and is high enough to measure 4 inches. It’s a little wider than 4 inches.
    The pattern recommends making a flat swatch of two repeats and that’s what I did on the first one.
    As I mentioned, I like making a circular swatch better. Seems more accurate.
    Your button of my swatch is ok.


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