A weekend of knitting, dyeing and spinning

Just got back from Madrona Fiber Art Winter Retreat.

Another great year of classes, lectures, and meeting new and old friends.

I attended three fabulous classes over the past four days.

-Tailored Knitting the Japanese Way with Jean Wong
-Dyeing for Socks with Judith MacKenzie McCuin
-Spinning Scottish Wools with Carol Rhoades

I’m so exhausted but excited at the same time. Every year I learn so many new techniques. This week I’ll try to give a synopsis of the classes.

4 thoughts on “A weekend of knitting, dyeing and spinning

  1. I had a great time again at Madrona (2nd year-I’m still a rookie). I had a friend who took the Scottish wools class on Sunday as well. She didn’t have cards so I brought them to her as I live in Tacoma. Can’t wait to hear your reactions to Judith’s class, I had another acquaintance in that class. Still one other friend has taken the same class with Jean Wong but it was more than one day. Love to know if you were one of the shell shocked ones wandering around after that one!


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