No cunning plan after all


My obsession with the length of the garment is over. I done futzing with it. All that is left to do is to weave the shoulder stitches together,  cut the steeks and knit up the bands around the arms and neck.

I had planned to lengthen this vest by 8 rows but realized too late (after knitting almost to the shoulders) that doing so would mean partial pattern repeats where the front and back meet at the shoulders. My cunning plan was to knit a few extra rows on the upper half until I reached an acceptable matching point. That seemed like a good idea until I did a check of the stitch & row tension of the upper portion. Turns out that my stitch tension had relaxed so that the upper front portion was about 3 cm wider than desired.

After pondering this change, I came to the conclusion that stretching the stitches around my 40 cm circular needle wasn’t such a good thing. I should have switched to a shorter needles as the circumference decreased. After a deep breath, I ripped back down past the start of the armhole decreases. This time I decided to stick to the pattern and work with two circular needles for the remaining portion. The length should be just fine after it comes off the woolly board.

Here’s a shot of the back.


Look what arrived on my doorstep late Saturday afternoon. It’s that yarn I ordered from The color way is so pleasing to the eye; very colorful but not shocking. The weight and feel of it brings Satakieli to mind. Perhaps it might think a bit scratchy but not unlike the feel of Jamieson & Smith 2 ply.

I found out through Naomi that there’s another similar yarn available in Europe called Evilla. I couldn’t resist and ordered Anne-Evilla from BendixGarn. It’s another design by Ruth Sorenson.

It puzzles me that these yarns haven’t made it to North America yet.

8 thoughts on “No cunning plan after all

  1. Oh….now I cannot wait to get my Kauni!!! Thanks for posting a picture. Your package from Ruth should arrive soon after I get mine.
    Roscalie looks great. I would have thought the same thing as you in doing the extra rows at the top. I know it is going to look fantastic when it is finished. Your creations always do.


  2. You’ll have a lot of fun with the Kauni. I doubled mine (same colourway as yours!) and made a scarf. There’s a picture of it on the sidebar of my blog. You’re right about it being like the Shetland 2-ply. I find it comfortable to wear but not super soft.


  3. The vest is just wonderful, as I’ve said before, the colours are just great!
    But, you are throwing in so many tempting links!
    You sure know how to pick out exciting colour projects.


  4. I discovered your blog after typing in Judith MacKenzie McCuin into a search engine. Thanks so much for the info/pictures you posted about Madrona and the classes with Judith and Deb Menz. I learned so much reading about your experiences and hope in the near future to catch some of these wonderful teachers. Your blog will be part of my favorite/daily reading.


  5. Diane,
    Glad to hear my posts about classes with Judith and Deb helped.
    I usually only post on Sunday as the rest of the week I’m either working or knitting.


  6. That looks like the right colour for Ruth’s cardigan, but I don’t see one like it on the Wollsucht page. Could you share the colourway number? Sorry to bother you, but I am haunted by that cardi and haven’t been able to find the yarn myself. Thanks!


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