Ready for class

Round-neck: backRound-neck: frontRound-neck: sleeve

I finally finished the last round-neck pullover piece yesterday.

After finishing the first piece I started swearing that this will be the last time I ever knit a plain sweater on size 3mm needles. I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly when I chose this Panda Cotton sock yarn at the last minute during the “heat” of summer. At that time I couldn’t imagine working on a heavy wool sweater.

It’s not that I don’t like Panda Cotton – it makes a lovely fabric that drapes well. I just got so bored with knitting plain old stockinette. Also, I’m not too thrilled with this “feminine camouflage” colorway but was pleasantly surprised that the colors didn’t pool too badly.

Karen asked about my camera. It’s a Nikon Coolpix P4 with VR and 8 megapixels. VR stands for “vibration reduction” which means that it’s suppose to help reduce blurry photos. VR works most of the time but I was very disappointed recently when most of the photos taken at the Nordic Knitting Conference turned out blurry. Over all, it’s a good click and shoot pocket camera but the key to taking good photos is to make sure there is plenty of light and to use Photoshop for touch ups.

4 thoughts on “Ready for class

  1. You never know, I find that the most boring knits are the sweaters I wear the most, just because they become such wardrobe staples! Here’s hoping your stockinette on 3mm pays off….


  2. It must be a good feeling to be done! Good for you! Did you decide on Project 4 yarn?
    I love the feel of the fabric with Panda Cotton!
    I think I need a new camera! My camera really blows out the whites. Good thing Xmas is around the corner!


  3. You’ll probably be very pleased with the sweater once it’s finished, the colors really will go great with jeans. Plain stockinette can get boring, but I agree with Julie in the fact that they can become staples in your wordrobe 🙂


  4. Hi, i’m laura “sockguru” and blog mom for the Crystal Palace yarns blog socksandmore
    i’d love to post your pics of panda cotton sweater, partial and when done, on our blog and link to you.
    let me know if you approve?
    blessings, :L, laura


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