Good light is hard to find

V-neck swatch 2I’ve been fretting all week about finding a another stitch pattern for the next project. My criteria was simple – something that would work well with a v-neck and be fairly easy to seam. Also, it couldn’t be something as easy as 2×2 rib unless it had a complicated center panel.

Have you ever noticed that most v-necks are done in either plain stockinette or a Fair Isle type design? That’s what I found after a few weeks of searching pattern books and the Internet. I’d say that the vast majority of hand knit pullovers have round neck collars.

After flipping through my stitch guides countless times I finally came up with this. I broke apart the sections of twisted stitches with a single stockinette stitch, hoping this will make sewing the side seams easier. What I’ll do is start knitting with one stockinette stitch and end with two and seam it like 1×1 rib.

Sorry for the poor photo. This eggplant sport weight yarn is tough to photograph. In real life it’s even darker. These days it’s hard to find good light.


4 thoughts on “Good light is hard to find

  1. I’ve made V-neck sweaters from Shetland wool (one color) that used fairly widely spaced plaited cables. I separated them with bands of stockinette. I do like the stitch pattern you’ve photographed, and it ought to look lovely in a V-neck.


  2. I found your blog recently, and very much enjoyed going through the pictures of your Shetland visit. Then my new Spin-Off issue came today, and lo and behold there was your trip with some more explanation. Your travelogue makes me want to go there even more than I already did!
    Oh, and the stitch pattern is nice, too. 🙂


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