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sewing band
Now that my crochet is out of the way (sorry no pictures), it’s back to the v-neck cardigan.

Last weekend we learned how to sew the vertical button band to the garment. Let’s just say, it’s slightly more complicated than picking up stitches for a horizontal band.

Typically there are more rows on a vertical band than rows in the garment so, a few calculations were made before starting. We noted the amount of rows in each section of the band – lower body, upper body, behind the neck – and then compared this with the row count on the body. We then calculated the exact points at which an extra stitches are  taken up from  the band. You can see in the photo where I marked the take up points for the upper right side. The left side has already been sewn.

It’s so useful to know the math for such situations. That’s probably one of the most valuable things I’ve learned from this class.

Oh and I almost forgot, here’s the buttonholes. More of those nifty short row buttonholes but this time done on a vertical 1×1 rib band.

Thank goodness the weather cooperated today. I now have one of the sleeves knitted and washed.

4 thoughts on “Back to knitting

  1. It looks really good. Your buttonholes are to die for.
    I couldn’t stand not wearing mine, so I basted the back neck with at pretty big mattress stitch. I’ll take it out when we learn what Jean wants to teach us. Meanwhile I get to wear it.


  2. HI, I searched for short row buttonholes and couldn’t find anything. What is this? I would do anything to make buttonholes as perfect as yours!
    (ravelry gramknits)


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