Graduation day

CertificateWhat a day!

At least five hours of furious knitting in a final push to complete my final project .

It was truly my knitting Olympics moment.

My needles kept flying as several students received their certificates.

About a half hour after later, I finished the last stitch on my project.

Jean  patiently  stuck with me even though nearly all the other students had packed up and left.


I’m so happy to have completed the class but to be honest not so thrilled with the way the lapels turned out on the final project. I’ll be reworking them in the next couple of weeks and will hopefully have more time to describe how I worked the collars (lots of short rows) and snap a final picture of me wearing the garment.

Today I jogged 7.5 miles without worrying about homework!

13 thoughts on “Graduation day

  1. Big Moment! I’ve really enjoyed following along on your course updates!
    The jacket looks wonderful, but I know it will be interesting to read about the construction when you describe it later and then wear it.
    Thanks again for all your updates along the way!


  2. Congratulations! It has been a long haul for you. It is quite an accomplishment! Now you can relax, take a deep breath, and leisurely knit somthing just for fun!


  3. A HUGE congratulations to you!
    I KNOW how much hard work goes into completing 8 projects in the span of just one year. It isn’t just knitting(and crocheting) 8 garments…it is planning, designing, figuring, swatching undoing and learning.
    You have done a tremendous job. Something to be very proud of!


  4. The final project is another elegant designer piece – I’m interested to see how you want to rework the collar since I like the look now! Congratulations on your hard work and results!


  5. Congratulations Melinda – you crossed the finish line – your designs and knitting is amazing. I was so happy to be in class with you and look forward to more in Year Two. Time to celebrate!


  6. What a wonderful sense of accomplishment! Especially with the added pressure at that last moment with all of the pictures and diplomas flying around! Your work is so-o-o amazing. I hope I have absorbed a fraction of your creativity and skill this year! See you in the fall!


  7. Hooray! (Loud cheers and applause). I also know what a long haul it has been. Congratulations. I will be interested to see the change in the collar now that you are no longer constrained by course requirements.
    All of your creations have been wonderful. See you in Oct!


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