No time to blog

Let’s just say I’m way behind with my homework.

Besides several swatches, this is all I have done during the past four weeks and this piece was cast on just a few days ago.


5 thoughts on “No time to blog

  1. Keep Knitting. Keep Knitting. Keep Knitting.
    ~ Dory the Knitting Fish
    You are such a fast knitter, I know that you’ll catch up in no time.
    I’m doing pretty well this time around with the homework. We just have to keep knitting.


  2. It is lovely. At this rate, you’ll have the back done as well.
    I have given up on the dolman. It needs a total redesign, and Jean’s advice. I am also still spinning the yarn :(. OTOH, I did complete the little 25 stitch swatches.
    My puffy sleeve garment is huge, I think it is going to be OK, since it does have to fit me. Lace weight and size 3 needles was a form of insanity for this project. I have one sleeve to go. My fingers are stiff, and my back hurts – Ah, the sacrifices we make for an addiction!


  3. I think we are all behind where we would like to be! But…beautiful design! I am struggling w/ the dolman-like Sarah. Good to know others are in the same boat.


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