Productive weekend


The raglan pieces are waiting to be blocked before I can tick it off my homework list. Nothing fancy with this one.

Sophie loved all the loose strings and couldn’t resist getting into the picture with her mouse.

Yesterday I spent most of the day doing homework for the Knit to Flatter and Fit class that Sally Melville will be teaching at the MFA Winter Retreat this year. We’ve been asked to have someone take a straight-on  photo of us in close-fit lingerie. With that photo we need to make a 1/8 scale outline of our body. While very interesting it’s quite sobering to see ones body outline (got to get back to my marathon training soon). I wonder what we’ll be doing with it.


It’s time to start thinking about the next project … a traditional Aran sweater with saddle shoulders. Unlike most traditional Aran sweaters, mine will have set in sleeves.

Swatching will start tonight using this Magpie Tweed. Before diving into the large swatch that will included all the stitch patterns in the sweater I thought I’d make some individual ones first to really see if I like them.

I’m still not sure which stitch patterns I’ll use. I’ve copied several from my book collection.

2 thoughts on “Productive weekend

  1. I love your yarn, I think you’ll get great stitch definition.I am almost up to the front neck shaping on the raglan, and have started swatching for the Aran for relief. It is so much fun, I may use up half a skein just swatching. I am using BMF Woolbu in a light tint. My raglan is so heavy, I wanted something a little lighter for the next project.


  2. That Magpie Tweed looks like it will be wonderful for the aran. I am just starting the raglan project and am beginning to think about stitch patterns for the aran. I have been flipping through the Harmony books and the Barbara Walker books looking for patterns. I really like the pages you showed on here–the pictures as well as the chart and written instructions. If you don’t mind my asking, what book(s) are these from?


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