Magic Knitting

Annamore's magic knittingAnnemor certainly isn’t a typical knitting teacher/author. While most focus on techniques or patterns, Annemor brings insights into knitting history and myths from her home country of Norway.

In her Magic Knitting class she recounted many of the endless superstitions and folk beliefs related to knitting and spinning in Norway.  As might be expected, most involve ways of discerning information about your future mate. One that has stuck with me is that a spinner or knitters should  look up quickly when accidentally dropping fiber or yarn  to catch a brief glimpse of her future husband.


The most magical part of the class was when she showed us how to efficiently double knit small tubes with two double point needles to create small magical creatures. The tube is knit with the purl side out . So, with every pair of stitches, knit the first and slip the second. The trick is to do the knit and slip all in one motion. It’s so easy and can be used to work fingers on gloves using only two needles.