Another Seattle Store?

I’ve counted six yarn stores within the Seattle city limits and just spotted another one that will be opening downtown. Apparently the Belltown shop on First Avenue that recently housed the Italian pottery shop RiFlessi will be the new home of So Much Yarn. Wow, I’ll actually be able to buy yarn and supplies during my lunch break. Oh, it’s just too much.

Look what I picked up at the post office. Despite six yarn stores in the city I still order some yarn via mail.

gilet_lace_yarn Yep, it’s Bergereine yarn and the 2003/2004 instruction booklet from Club Direct Laine (the only place to get Bergere de France yarn in North America). This yarn is destin for Gilet Lace. I guess this will be the next sweater project since I haven’t yet found a men’s sweater to make for my husband. Oh yea, I also can’t forget to finish the Christmas stocking that I started last December. That will come out of hiding soon.

Bergere de France Catalog

A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the Bergere de France website which offers free patterns and found a lace cardigan (no. 466) that would be perfect for summer.

I surfed the web trying to find the yarn, Bergereine and could only find one place to get it in North America, Club Direct Laine in Québec. I promptly ordered their catalog (~ 10 USD) and received it last Friday.

It’s a beautiful catalog with color cards of all the yarns. Here’s the page that shows Bergereine.


So now that I’ve seen BdF yarn what do I think of it? While all the yarn is eye-appealing, almost all of it contains lots of polymide and/or acrylic. My current project with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (which has 33% microfiber) will probably be the last time I knit with microfiber. Isn’t microfiber just a trendy name for acrylic? I find that wool is much more forgiving and comfortable to wear.

Bergereine is the only pure natural fiber (50% wool / 50% cotton) yarn in the catalog so I’ll probably go ahead and make this sweater with it. Marie is currently working on a sweater made with Bergereine and finds it easy to work with.