Here’s the final swatch for the Phildar cardigan. It seems like I can always make several swatches using the same size needle and come up with a different stitch/row count every time. This one looks good so I’ll go with it. I’ll be using size 3mm needles as suggested in the pattern.

The colors are really eye popping (Pacifique, Anemone/Indien and Groseille). This picture doesn’t really convey how bright they are. The Indien colored yarn is a thin metallic type yarn that gives the sweater a lot of sparkle.

Most of the yarn in this sweater is cotton. I’ve run across quite a few knitters who don’t like knitting with cotton yarn. Since this is my first big project using cotton, I don’t have an opinion on it yet. It seems to have enough twist so it shouldn’t be too difficult to knit.