Yarn Shortage

I started the ribbing for one of the sleeves and noticed that I was getting low on the Sunset Turquoise yarn. Once I got past the ribbing on the first sleeve I decide to start the other sleeve to see just how far I could get before running out. Well, I ran out on both sleeves just after the ribbing! This yarn was ordered from Europe, so I had a quick twinge of panic.
I really didn’t want to wait on another order. I quickly remember a yarn called “Candlelight” by YLI that I saw when first scouting yarn for this pattern at the local yarn store. I think it will work just fine. The color (medium blue 006) is a perfect match. I actually prefer it to Phildar Sunset. It’s a bit thinner, has a tighter twist, and doesn’t seem to snag as easily as Sunset.

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