Paris & London Trip

Yesterday I purchased a ticket for a short trip to London and Paris this winter! Maybe it is good karma resulting from my Phildar yarn odyssey. I can’t wait to visit a Phildar yarn store in person. I’ve been so excited about the trip that my knitting has suffered a bit. I put the stripped sweater aside this week so that I can start designing my next Christmas stocking that incorporates the lighthouse pattern from Sweaterscapes. I’m going to combine it with a design from A Time to Knit Stockings. I’ll probably start the stocking this weekend and also try to finish sewing the stripped sweater.

Winter Interweave Knits Update (again):
I thought that the subscriber-only code was printed in all of the magazines. Well, today I made a trip to Barnes & Noble to look at guide books and happened to checked out their shipment of winter Interweave Knits. Their shipment of IK did not have the subscriber-only code. I guess Interweave printed two winter issues, one for subscribers and another for bookstores. Last weekend I just happened to come across a bookstore that got ones with the subscriber-only code.

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