Swatch Experiment


I spent all day Friday weaving many ends of yarn into the seam allowances of my latest sweater. Now that I’ve had a chance to try it on without tons of ends hanging out, I’ve decided that I need to cut an inch off of each center front half of the sweater.

Before subjecting my newly knitted sweater to scissors, I figured I’d better try cutting up a swatch first. After dusting the sewing machine, adjusting it to produce a small zigzag stitch and sewing two lines of stitches down the center, I carefully cut between the two lines. I tested how well the stitches would hold together by tugging on the stitches. The stitches held quite well, although I did produce a bit of fringe. I wouldn’t use this technique on seam allowances but will be using it on the front of my cardigan. Fringe won’t be a problem since the edges will be covered with a very pink satin ribbon strip.

Tonight I made a special trip to the fabric store to pick up matching pink thread. While I have many spools of thread not one of them is hot pink.

3 thoughts on “Swatch Experiment

  1. Marie, I still haven’t cut it but think it will turn out ok. The raw edges will be covered with a satin band, so I think the stitches will hold.
    I should have made it too small so that I would have an incentive to loose weight.


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