Where did kitty get this font?

When I first started creating my blog I researched web page graphics by reading several books and websites about the topic. Each one of these sources mentioned that fonts can be a creative way to personalize a website. I never thought much about fonts before starting a blog, but a whole new world was revealed as I set out to find a font for the title of my blog.

The array of websites offering fonts is endless with some actually giving away their fonts for free. I found a vast online community of folks that are obsessed with fonts. There is even a web forum called typophile which discusses all aspects of fonts including help in identifying them.

Some of the coolest fonts are the tiny pixel ones like knitty uses. The editor mentions in her FAQ that she doesn’t want to tell where she found her fonts but I think it is only fair to give credit to the woman who designed it. It’s called lilany and was created by Danielle Huthart at Pixelyn. She offers this and several other free pixel fonts for non-commercial purposes. Pixel fonts produce very clear tiny text when antialias features are not used. I tried creating pixel text with several photo editing programs and found Adobe Photoshop Elements works the best for this purpose.

If you are curious about the font used for the knitty title, it is called Pesto which is for sale by fonthead design.

2 thoughts on “Where did kitty get this font?

  1. Dear heaven — i hadn’t remembered the license for the pixel font was non-commercial (not that we’re commercial, but our status has certainly changed somewhat in the last issue). Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve contacted Danielle and we’ll get this all straightened out.


  2. It’s good the hear that you’ll contact Danielle about it. I’m sure she put a lot of work into developing Lilany and should at least know how it is being used.
    Amy, despite what you say, knitty is a commercial website. I checked the dictionary and one of the definitions of commerical is “supported by advertisers”. I remember seeing ads in your last issue.


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