In the Round

td_start_botton.jpg It’s been so easy to work on this sweater during my bus commute and at home that I’m finding it hard to get motivated to work on other projects. The Christmas stocking that I started last week will probably not get done this Christmas. I’ve been too busy to spend time concentrating on an intarsia project this week but will probably have time during the Christmas break to work on it.

Speaking of intarsia, Pricilla Gibson-Roberts had an article in the winter issue of Interweave Knits about a new intarsia-in-the-round technique that I’m interested in trying. While this technique probably won’t work for my current stocking project, it probably would have worked for my last one. Maybe after my current projects are done, I’ll have time to make the footlets in her article.

Now that the increases are done, the front and back have been joined by casting on additional stitches at the bottom of each armhole. The pattern suggested using a crochet chain as a base for the new stitches. I had some left over mercerized cotton yarn that worked well this purpose. I believe this slippery cotton yarn will be easy to pull out when I need to pick up those stitches.

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