New Year’s Resolution

My new year’s resolution is to get my summer 2003 vacation project done.

latvian mittens

Hey, that was easy. Here it is.

I’ve noticed that my knitting tension relaxed while working on the second mitten. Next time that I make a pair of mittens or socks, I’ll knit both at the same time to avoid this problem.

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. those are really lovely. i saw a book on latvian patterns at the bookstore the other day and thought they were beautiful.
    abby the friendly lurker


  2. Oooh, what beautiful mittens! I just ordered that book from and was overwhelmed by all the fantastic patterns. You knit wonderful things!


  3. What a great blog. Clear pics. Gorgeous Latvian mittens. I want to make some!!
    What did you mean by you’d knit them “both at the next time.” ?? I made some mittens and I also relaxed my tension 2nd time around. The first one looks better. Just wondering if you have the solution!!


  4. Oh that was bad editing. Thanks for pointing it out.
    I blame it on the change of seasons.
    Next time I’ll cast on both at the same time and switch between them as I knit so that they will be finished at the same time. If my gauge changes then at least it will change consistently on each one.
    I’ve heard that some people knit two socks on the same set of circular needles but I haven’t tried that yet. Here’s a web site that explain how to do that.
    I’m sure this would work for mittens.


  5. holy crap, those are GORGEOUS!!!! you must be a knitting goddess. what pattern, or did you make it up from Lizbeth’s book. wow. yarn? needles? save me some math?!


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