Sunday night I tripped over the cord to my modem and broke the USB connector. Now that I have a new modem, I’ll be more careful not to keep computer cords strung around the dining room.


I noticed that purlwise got mentioned on livejournal knitting community yesterday. I’m still trying to figure out what livejournal is and how it is being used. By coincidence, last week I stumbled upon advanced knit community for the first time. I like their slogan, “We know that stockinette curls”.

I was having trouble with the edges of my sweater so I took a couple of clips off the refrigerator to keep it tame while I snapped a picture. Afterwards, I went ahead and transferred the stitches to two circular needles so that I could accurately measure the width of the sweater. When it was on one circular, the loop wouldn’t lay flat which made it difficult to measure close to the needle. It looks like the sweater isn’t going to be wide enough so I’m calculating where to add more increases.

2 thoughts on “Tripping

  1. livejournal is used a number of different ways that depend quite a bit on a) the age and maturity level of the journaler b)the journaler’s penchant for drama and c) knowing someone with a livejournal who has friends whose journals you might want to read. the lovely thing about livejournal is the friends list. say all of the blogs i read were on livejournal. i would just have to pull up my friends list to see if one of the wonderful bloggers had updated their journal. the good thing about this is always knowing when someone has made a new entry. the bad thing is always knowing when someone has made a new entry. there is a disease that strikes live-journalers wherein said journaler obsessively checks her/is friends list 5000 times per hour to see if anyone has updated. oftentimes the journal writer makes a post about how their friends never update. it is a sad and demented little world, but you can meet some cool people there. or some lame 14 year olds…it just depends on what you want to put into it.
    oh, and the communities, like knitting and advanced knitting are basically community blogs that people belong to and can post to – kinda like a message board but again, readable on the friends list.
    wow…that was way way way too detailed for 1:45 am. must sleep now!


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