Yarn Stores in Paris & London


My remedy for jet lag is four shots of espresso in the morning and then a good night’s sleep.

I was so busy sight seeing that I only managed to knit during the three-hour train ride from London to Paris. I’m still a little peeved at British Airways for not allowing knitting needles in the cabin of their aircraft. I could have finished a pair of socks during each nine hour flight. It’s odd that the TSA allows them but not BA. Although I could have attempted to bring them on in my carry on bag, I decide it wasn’t worth the potential hassle.

While in London I stopped into John Lewis and Liberty department stores to check out their yarn stock. Liberty has a small stock of Rowan yarns and patterns. Not really worth the trip since I can get Rowan yarn here. John Lewis has a better selection of various brands but still very unsatisfying compared to any one of my five local yarn stores.

While in Paris I quickly popped into La Samaritaine, Le Bon Marche and La Droguerie. La Samaritaine has a small yarn section (about the same size as Liberty’s) tucked into a corner on the top floor that only includes Phildar yarn. Le Bon Marche’s yarn section (also tucked into a corner on the top floor) is three times bigger than La Samaritaine’s. They carry Rowan, Phildar and Bouton D’ Or.

I was most impressed with La Droguerie. They have a small selection of yarn but I love how it is displayed. Hanks are hung on the wall by yarn type in a rainbow fashion. The picture below gives you a small hint of the display. There is more yarn hanging on the opposite wall to the left.

ladroguerie.jpgI don’t know who makes their yarn but it appears to be of good quality natural fibers such as wool, alpaca, cotton, silk and etc. I purchased several hanks of tweed wool and a ball of alpaca.

Besides yarn, they also carry a dizzying array of buttons, ribbons and beads. Most shoppers seemed to be more interested in these items. I picked up some cool old looking safety pins that can be used as a closure for a shawl or wrap type sweater.

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