V&A Stocking

My first sight seeing stop in London was the Victoria & Albert Museum . While strolling around the British Galleries, I came across these stockings with an interesting description.

Man’s Linen Stocking 1660 – 1670

Stockings made from wool or linen, cut on the bias

(diagonally to the weave) to allow stretch were known

as ‘cut hose’. Lacing at the ankle gave a tight fit.

Plain hose like this could be worn under a more expensive

silk stocking to create a smooth line over hairy legs.

Shepherd’s Lace Sock

sl_front.jpg Although I like to work socks toe-up, this time I started from the top to get a neatly finished picot cuff. This cuff was started by doing an provisional cast on with a crochet chain. When it was the correct length, I folded it over and secured the top edge by knitting each stitch from the provisional cast on edge with a stitch from the bottom edge, forming a small tube. I then continued knitting the leg. The ribbing is just a K2, P1 rib except odd rows are all knit stitches (row 1: K2, P1 – row 2: knit all stitches).

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