More on La Droguerie in Paris


Here’s a photo of the tweed that I bought while shopping at La Droguerie. A beautiful swatch was displayed along with the hanks, which showed how this yarn looks when knitted with two strands in graduating shades. I would have loved to buy more to make a sweater based on the swatch but didn’t have time to contemplate yardage since I was feeling a little guilty about making my husband wait while I browsed.

I also purchased this alpaca and some funky pins. Hopefully there is enough to knit gloves or a scarf. Too bad I didn’t buy more. Just this weekend I found the perfect sweater for this alpaca. It’s in a new book called A Garden Stroll by Lori Ihnen (she’s wearing it in the photo on the publisher’s website). If you like Poetry in Stitches by Solveig Hisdal then you might like this book. Don’t judge it by the sweaters on the publisher’s web site, they aren’t the best ones in the book.

To tell you the truth, I’m not a good yarn stash shopper. I usually find yarn perplexing when I don’t have a specific pattern in mind and I didn’t bring any sweater ideas with me to Paris. Actually I do find it much easier to buy yarn then actually knitting a sweater. Lately I’ve been stalling on my current sweater project since I still need to calculate additional increases around the waist.

8 thoughts on “More on La Droguerie in Paris

  1. With La Droguerie and Le Bon Marché, you saw the biggest and the most hip-interesting-talked-about yarn stores in Paris. Proof that knitting is not a main activity among Parisians. As for Bergère de France, it’s more or less family oriented. Overall not as stylish as the others, but of better quality than Phildar. I’m sure you’ll like the yarn Bergereine. The stitch definition is pretty crisp and the knitting is quite nice on bamboo needles. Glad you enjoyed your stay. Also glad you’re back blogging!


  2. Very interesting site. I am frantically searching for a French import yarn called EMANUELLE FANTASIA. yEARS ago I purchased this in NY and made a coat which I still wear. Its a bulky yarn (very expensive) with silk threads entwined. Would love to get some and make another coat, which I have the pattern for. Thanks for anyhelp anyone can give me. Lee Cooper


  3. thanks so much for the list of yarn stores in paris. i’m going there in june with my son and plan to spend a day exploring yarn stores while he spends the day in eurodisney.


  4. thanks for your notes on paris yarn shopping!
    I’m here now, and have not been finding what i’m looking for. Thanks to you, I’m heading over to the bon marche now!
    happy knitting…


  5. I would like to know what that it means Dk wheight yarns.
    I see that dk sstands for double knit. But, I do not exactly understand what it means.
    Thank you for informing me.


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